Our new delivery vehicle is unleashed in Niagara!

June 13, 2024 2 min read

Our new delivery vehicle is unleashed in Niagara!

Little Chief & Co. Partners with Subaru of Niagara to Bring Quality Pet Products and Exceptional Customer Service to homes in Niagara.

Little Chief & Co., Canada's first living wage pet retailer, is excited to announce a new partnership with Subaru of Niagara, a dealership renowned for its commitment to customer satisfaction and automotive excellence. This collaboration aims to provide pet owners in the Niagara region with unparalleled convenience, quality products, and exceptional customer service.


As a new breed of pet retailer built on social responsibility, Little Chief & Co. is dedicated to curating products that serve dogs, humans, and the environment. With a focus on locally sourced and eco-friendly products, Little Chief & Co. ensures that every purchase contributes to a greater cause. Committed to FREE local delivery available throughout the entire Niagara region from Monday to Friday, pet owners can enjoy the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their homes while supporting a business that shares their values.

"Deliveries in Niagara has never been more fun! Whether I'm cruising Downtown's or navigating farm roads, my Subaru Outback Wilderness keeps everyone safe, it's fuel-efficient and reliable. It's the perfect SUV for every delivery!" 

- Mike McKenna, Co-Founder of Little Chief & Co.

Subaru of Niagara, known for its outstanding customer service and dedication to automotive excellence, perfectly complements Little Chief & Co.'s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction in Sales in Canada, Subaru of Niagara shares Little Chief & Co.'s dedication to looking after what matters—whether it's providing customers with safe, stylish vehicles or supporting local businesses and community initiatives.

When Mike – a long time Subaru of Niagara customer – came to me with the idea of partnering with Little Chief & Co., it was a no brainer. Subaru of Niagara has always been active in supporting local Niagara businesses, and add pets to the mix, this was the perfect fit and something Subaru as a brand has always stood behind.” Subaru Canada continues to support the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program, Subaru of America has their own “Subaru Loves Pets” campaign, and Subaru as a vehicle manufacture is one of the safest when transporting your pet(s) around as well! We look forward to spreading the Subaru animal love throughout Niagara and the Golden Horseshoe with Little Chief & Co. and couldn’t think of a better vehicle for them to be using to complete all their delivery needs!

- Devin Kaulback, General Manager, Subaru of Niagara

Together, Little Chief & Co. and Subaru of Niagara are committed to delivering exceptional products and service to the Niagara community, while championing the values of sustainability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

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