The BE ONE BREED Sturdy Tennis Ball promotes an active lifestyle indoors and outdoors keeping your dog stimulated, encouraging good behaviour.
A picture of all 3 Be One Bree sturdy tennis ball sizes.
A couple walking their dog in the park with a tennis ball

  • BOUNCE. FETCH. REPEAT  - A super bouncy, tennis-like ball made from natural rubber helps you easily maintain your relationship with your companion.
  • PICK A SIZE - Small 2”, Medium 2.5”, and Large 4” - a size for every dog.
  • SAFE FOR PLAY - Non-toxic and non-abrasive against your dog's teeth.
  • PROMOTES ACTIVITY - This ball is a great go-to activity helping keep your dog active and stimulated.
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Material: Natural, non-toxic rubber


Small - 5cm (2")
Medium- 6.5 cm (2.5")
Large - 10 cm (4")



A brown and white spotted hunting dog with a be one breed tennis ball in its mouth.
A golden lab looking under a fence at a be one breed strudy tennis ball.

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A dog catching a be one breed strudy ball on a stony beach with a lake and mountain in the background
A woman and her dog sitting on a beach with the be one breead strudy tennis ball with them.
A white and black dog chashing down a yellow and grey be one breed sturdy tennis ball.