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Puppy Polisher Bio Degradable Toothbrush

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The ultimate softness for your pup! This bio degradable toothbrush is made from a wheat straw composite material. It has over 10,000+ silky nylon bristles to provide the deepest cleaning action while yet gentle on your dogs sensitive gums. This brush comes in an antimicrobial, breathable container for easy storage. The container is breathable and allows the brush to dry and stay clean between brushings. Most dog toothbrushes are hard and rigid, making the brushing process painful and difficult. Our Puppy Polisher brush makes the process painless yet effective in plaque and debris removal due to the ultra fine nylon bristles. Puppy Polisher brushes are always BPA free and come in an offwhite color.

Dimensions 9cm*1.1cm*1.7 cm