TEEF Dental Kit: Powder water additive for ALL pets + Kidney care

TEEF for Life's Protektin42+K™ for ALL pets is a sodium-free water additive for easy, at-home daily dental hygiene. This formulation removes sodium bicarbonate for all pets, including extra sensitive ones with tummy and kidney issues. TEEF's vegan, prebiotic technology leverages the fundamentals of microbiology and molecular nutrition to promote dental health and fresh breath in a safe, revolutionary way. Just one scoop per day in drinking water works to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria while growing beneficial bacteria essential for optimal dental health.

Every drink works to bathe oral bacteria in our patented formula, which works like a molecular meal plan that puts microbes on a Keto diet. Steering bacteria away from carbohydrates and sugars and towards proteins and amino acids results in healthier and less stinky by-products that cause dental disease. TEEF doesn't kill bacteria, it simply enhances the good bacteria to out-compete the bad for optimal dental health.

1. Remove reusable TEEF glass jar from box.
2. Add desiccant to reusable TEEF jar and do not remove.
3. Add up to 6 powder packet contents to TEEF jar.
4. Store jar in a safe place where you're reminded to add it to your pet's water dish daily.
5. Keep the jar! Order 1-6 refill powder packets at up to a 25% discount.
6. Add one scoop to your pet's water dish daily. Top off as needed.

Dental Kit Contents: Reusable Glass Jar, 30 Servings Protektin™ powder packet(s)/sachet(s), Desiccant, and Pre-measured scoop (1/32 tsp)
  • SAFE FOR BOTH CANINE & FELINE - Boost your pets oral health because bad breath is a cry for health! Dental disease is the #1 pet illness leading to heart failure, kidney disease, and even promote a shorter lifespan.
  • A WINNING FORMULA - Patented plant-derived, human-grade, nontoxic, vet-approved, filler/grain-free prebiotic formula optimized for canine dental health by enhancing health-promoting bacteria to help naturally balance they're oral microbiome.
  • THEY'LL DRINK TO THAT - Tasteless, odorless, with no artificial flavors, colors, fillers, preservatives, or any other weird ingredients. Promotes strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath!
  • A SCOOP A DAY KEEPS BAD BREATH AWAY - Just add to your pets water to eliminate bad breath, plaque, and tartar. TEEF! doesn't just mask the symptoms of dental disease, it targets the root cause where it lives...below the gumline.
  • GET CLOSE AGAIN - Is Fido's halitosis getting in the way of your relationship? Dog breath isn't just stink, it's the first sign of dental disease, the #1 illness in pets. TEEF! neutralizes destructive bacteria without harming good bacteria that are essential for dental health.
Fine powdered water additive (includes 0.15cc serving scoop) that dissolves rapidly in water. Keep desiccant in jar for moisture control (do not remove).


Non-GMO Soluble Fiber Blocks bacterial sugar-to-acid & sugar-to-plaque production; Blocks sugar consumption by harmful microbes.
 L-arginine (amino acid) Activates protein deimination breakdown by bacteria, resulting in neutrialization of glycolytic acids.
Vitamin B6 Essential ingredient for bacterial enzymes that breakdown protein.