SODAPUP Coffee Cup Toy

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Do you have a spoiled pup that likes to play with their food!?  If yes, SODAPUP is right for you!  This treat-dispensing toy is excellent for stimulating your pup and, when needed, distracting your pup.  It helps with teething puppies, crate training, seperation anxiety, chewing issues due to boredom, etc . SODAPUP is made with all natural rubber from renewable sources, and containing only FDA approved ingredients.

What SODAPUP is right for your dog?

Puppy Rubber formulated especially for teething puppies.  It is an exceptionally soft compound that is gentle on sore gums while still providing durability for developing jaws.

Average Chewer is our original compound and is designed for average chewers.  It provides the perfect combination of durability and chewiness for the broadest range of dogs.  This is the best choice for most adult dogs.

Magnum is our compound designed for the most aggressive chewers.  Available only in black, made of our toughest rubber, is specially formulated for added elasticity and tear resistance.