Plutos Puppyes "My First Cheese Chew"

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Specially produced for Puppys The best CHEW in the market. Easy,  SAFE, and very HEALTHY to chew. 100% NATURAL, high-quality ingredients, no colorants or preservatives.


Great ingredients full of health benefits

Rich in high-quality protein (+40%), essential amino acids, omega3, and Astaxanthin (a potent natural  antioxidant )

 Very good for muscle and cardiac development. 

  • Anxiety control and for teething CLEANING
  • A great mind control exercise (holding control)
  • A nutritious product - a great taste for your Puppy pet
  • Casein provides protection, cleanliness, and elimination of dental bacteria
  • Low fat, no stains
  • Low calories
  • Ergonomics suitable for dogs


    • Casein, Apple, Krill, fat, and minerals (including calcium)


    • Natural emulsifier, flavor, and antioxidants.