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Compostable Extra Thick Dog Waste Clean-Up Bags

PAWSITIVE SOLUTIONS dog waste clean up bags are made from cornstarch and PBAT so they truely are compostable. In addition they are extra large, extra thick, and extremely opaque. Nothing to see here.
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  • CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE - Pawsitive Solutions compostable clean up bags meet ASTM standards D6400 which means these are truely earth friendly and will biodegrate. Made from Cornstarch and PBAT!
  • DARK COLOURED - Clean up bags are dark in colour to keep what's inside a bit of a mystery. Even though we all know what it is, you're making a mighty neighbourly choice picking these. Hat's off to ya!
  • SUPER EASY TO OPEN - No plastic cling! These bags open with ease, each and every time.
  • WIDE EVERYWHERE IT COUNTS - These bags are extra large and extra thick, so you don’t have to feel every detail of what you'd rather leave behind.
  • ON A ROLL - Litterally. 8 rolls to a box totalling 120 bags. Each roll is convieniently sized to fit in your coat pocket. You'll be on a roll too by buying a green.
3 rolls of Pawsitive Solutions dog waste clean up bags.


Material Cornstarch and PBAT


17 Microns


8 rolls = 120 Bags

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A couple walking their dog in a park]

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