Odor Eliminator - 500ml (Ready to Use)

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LOONA ODOR ELIMINATOR is highly effective, combining « odor control technology » which rapidly binds and holds the bad odors, with « biological activity » which destroys the bound bad odor molecules-thus completely eliminating the odor control.The resulting dual activity provides fast, effective and long lasting odor control. This product also has sophis-
ticated non-resoiling cleaning capabilities designed specially for carpet and upholstery stain removal.

For cat, dog and horse urine odors, stains, droppings, smoke, sulfur ammonia and foul odors.

LOONA ODOR ELIMINATOR is designed for grooming salons, dog boarding, kennels, stables, pet shops, breeders and pet owners.


Surfaces : spray the soiled area and clean with a cloth or mop removing all visible soil, allow to air dry.

Fabric : wet the stained area, spray and rub gently. Wipe off excess and allow to air dry .

ALL SURFACES AND FABRICS : animal’s favorite spot, cushion, furniture, carpet, cage, floor, wall, urinal , bathtub. Fabrics: test beforehand.