Bach Flower Remedies

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Harmony Elixir is recommended for ill-tempered animals, who may get along badly with their peers, fight with them, or are aggressive with humans and may attack or bite.  For example, for cats that spit and meow relentlessly, who like to scratch others, are angry, or growl at the slightest annoyance.  For dogs that bark constantly and are ready to bite.

Consolation Elixir is recommended for animals that have lost their joy of life. This may be related to having been abandoned or absence of a person, following a death, or after a separation. For animals that no longer play, who remain prostrate in their corner and eat less than before, due to an illness that made them disabled or are sent to a boarding animal hostel during the holidays for example. For horses left alone.

Courage Elixir is recommended for all phobias: fears of other animals, unknown visitors, vet … For dogs that are hiding or fleeing any abnormal noise (such as firecrackers). They growl, show teeth without reason or destroy objects and can become unclean. For cats that hiss and hide. For horses that are afraid to walk, compete.

Quietude Elixir is recommended for animals that are stressed, anxious because of a situation: changes in routine, moving, arrival of a new animal, confinement … In most cases, the result is changes in their eating habits, sleep patterns, but also in excessive licking.

Bach flowers for pets are natural remedies. Elixirs & Co remained true to the original preparation method invented by Dr Bach and described in his writings. Bach flower essences are produced in an artisanal manner from wild flowers picked on several pristine sites throughout France. Veterinary health product (dogs, cats & horses ...).

Contains Organic Bach flowers help restore calm and peace:

  • Clematis: to regain his senses.
  • Aspen: to appease the obsessive thoughts.
  • Vine: to be able to converse with flexibility and open-mind.
  • Rock Rose: to overcome terror and panic.
  • Impatiens: to soothe nervousness and suffering.
  • Vervain: to get back to calm and serenity.
  • Cherry Plum: to regain self-control.