Original Ring

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The IDEAL toy for POWER CHEWERS...and a LIFETIME warranty! 

This toy is ideal for large breed dogs and heavy chewers!  GoughNuts toys have been designed with SAFE PLAY in mind & are backed by a lifetime warranty which is handled right here in Canada. 

The GoughNuts Original Rings contain a visual indicator system which promote safe play. With the visual indicator (red inner colour) dog owners can clearly see if the GoughNuts’ integrity has been compromised. RED means STOP!

GoughNuts Original Ring Orange for dogs 10-40lbs. Tough scale

GoughNutsOriginal Ring Black for dogs 10-40lbs. Tough scale

GoughNutsOriginal Ring Green for dogs 40-70lbs. Tough scale 

GoughNuts Original Ring Black for dogs 40-70lbs.  Tough scale