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Goat Feta Food Topping with Elk Antler

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The ultimate supplement for dog health. Our goat feta crumbles are produced in a CFIA registered facility to human consumption standards, then mixed with elk antler powder. Beneficial for joints, muscle performance, bone health, and cell repair. Contains anti-inflammatory agents and a source of essential nutrients and beneficial fats.
The biggest benefit of antler powder is the effect on joints, bones and muscle growth. Elk antler is composed of a variety of different tissues, including cartilage, and is also rich in collagen, a crucial protein, and glycosaminoglycans (Glucosamine). Antler powder can help with osteoarthritis, joint pain and improve the general condition of older dogs.

Serving and Storage Suggestions:

  1. Keep frozen until use
  2. Thaw product, keep unused portions refrigerated once thawed
  3. Use care when handling raw milk products
  4. Suitable for all life stages

For pet use only. Not for human consumption. This product has not been pasteurized.