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Elk Velvet Antler Powder

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100gms Pure Canadian Freeze Dried Elk Antler Powder

All members of the deer family (cervids) grow and shed antlers every year. Antlers grow at an incredible rate of speed, and therefore are considered the perfect renewable resource. Velvet antler is the blood filled collagenous matrix that forms the rapidly growing antler structure.

Velvet is the outside covering of the antler during the growing period. We refer to velvet antler as the stage that we harvest it in, which is approximately the 67th day. Harvesting the antler at the right time is crucial as it holds the most active ingredients within it at that time. The velvet covering is not for human consumption and is scraped off during processing. The rest of the whole antler is ground up into powder.

A 100g container lasts approx 5.5months for a 40lb dog

Velvet antler is being used to help a variety of conditions such as:
  • Arthritis relief
  • Muscle development
  • Increased strength
  • Increased endurance
  • Speed recovery from injury
  • PMS and menopause irregularities


Sprinkle EVA Powder on your dog’s food – 140 mg per scoop
(On the back side of the measuring spoon handle is a thimble like measurer, it hold 140mg EVA powder)
140mg = 1/8 tsp. There are approximately 714, 140mg scoops per 100gm jar.

1-4 scoops/day
1 scoop up to 10 lbs
2 scoops between 10 -25 lbs
3 scoops between 26-40 lbs
4 scoops over 40 lbs
If required an additional 1 to 2 scoops
per day for the first 2 week. Then cut back to your dogs needs, usually about 2 scoops/day.

*Sorry but we do not ship this product to the US.

Disclaimer:  Our product is a certified natural health product of Canada. It is used in traditional Chinese medicine used to reinforce kidney Yang, replenish vital essence and blood, and strengthen the tendons and bones.

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