Cooling Dog Coat

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Cool your dog quickly with Cool on Track™, a high-tech, non toxic material to bring your dogs core temperature down

The Back on Track® Cooling Dog Coat works by storing water and using it to exchange your dog’s heat as it evaporates. As the water turns from liquid to vapor your dog’s temperature drops. Simply add water to the rug to keep the cooling effect. No chemicals or access to your freezer is necessary.

  • Easily refreshed by adding water
  • Keep your dog comfortable on long outings
  • Activated quickly by soaking in water
  • Will give hours of use with rehydration
  • Fitted like a normal dog coat
  • For both indoor and outdoor use
  • Adjustable
  • Cooling vest holds the cool water well and isn’t too drippy, easy to adjust with clasps

The Cool on Track Dog Coat effectively changes the surface temperature by 6+ degrees after three easy steps:

1. Soak the rug in water
2. Squeeze out excess water
3. Put your Cool on Track™ Jacket on your dog

The Coat has adjustable straps. When the coat is not being used, you can easily use it as a cooling blanket.

Outer coats should not be worn together with the cooling rug. The evaporation process is an important factor for the cooling effect. Therefore, the products have a durable mesh outer layer to stimulate the circulation of air

Washing Instructions and Storage

TO GET THE MOST OUT OF COOL ON TRACK…Wash after use (hand wash, 30°C). Use mild liquid detergent sparingly and allow it to dry flat. Store the product flat and do not fold it when dry. If the product is folded or bent, minor cracks may appear. Be careful and allow the product to soak up plenty of water before using it after storage. If cracks should appear, the product is still usable, but the cracks will absorb slightly less water. High absorbency is important as the product cools when water evaporates.

– Lightweight – Cooling – Easy to use –

How to measure

  1. Measure the length from nape of neck to top of tail in cm
  2. Measure the dogs girth at the widest part of their ribcage
  3. Choose your size
Dog Coats (F) CM Size Fit Range
Toy 21cm 21-22cm
Toy 23cm 23-24cm
Toy 25cm 25-26cm
Small 27cm 27-28cm
Small 29cm 29-31cm
Small 31cm 31-33cm
Small 34cm 34-36cm
Small 37cm 37-39cm
Small 40cm 40-42cm
Medium 43cm 43-45cm
Medium 46cm 46-48cm
Dog Coats (F) CM Size Fit Range
Medium 49cm 49-51cm
Medium 52cm 52-54cm
Medium 55cm 55-58cm
Medium 59cm 59-62cm
Large 63cm 63-66cm
Large 67cm 67-69cm
Large 70cm 70-73cm
Large 74cm 74-77cm
Large 78cm 78-81cm
Large 82cm 82-85cm
Large 86cm 86-88cm