Mountain Rope Coupler

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At CLIFFHOUND they hand craft one-of-a-kind dog leashes, toys, harness' and collars from retired rock and ice climbing rope and gear. Although no longer trusted to catch a fall these ropes are strong, durable and will last for years under the most harsh and heavy use. CLIFFHOUND has the unique ability to make your leash the way you want it. No two are the same.

CLIFFHOUND is founded on a mission to provide the highest quality individually made custom products in the world serving the many underfunded rescues and shelters in desperate need of support. Your purchase and the donation of climbers worldwide will help us succeed in this mission.

CLIFFHOUND is a US Veteran owned company. All of their products are made by veterans and their families. Up-cycled ropes and gear that would otherwise be discarded or recycled into plastic by way of an energy consumptive process are given a new life and purpose.

Your CLIFFHOUND product will last for years and you can be proud to know that by purchasing and using our products you are helping. Thanks for your support.