October 13, 2020 2 min read

A canine's dental routine is one of the most overlooked concerns of most pet owners and as a result, many dogs will develop gum disease in their life time. It's important for any pet owner to address their companion's dental health on a routine basis, before it becomes an issue that requires a vet trip. Poor dental health is a life-threatening problem that affects the lives of far too many canines across the globe. Especially when there are a variety of easy ways that dog owners can address the issue before it’s even an issue! 

  1. The most obvious solution to addressing your canine's dental health is to regularly brush their teeth with a tooth brush and some canine tooth paste. Regular brushings will help fight plaque build-up and remove some of the harmful bacteria in your companion’s mouth. 
  2. Another solution to preventing plaque build-up is with a simple dental chew. These can come in many forms, ranging from dental specific treats to chew toys that are designed to gently clean your dog's teeth while they chew. This is a great option to keep your dog's teeth clean. 
  3. Dental sprays are convenient for dogs with particularly stubborn oral health problems. As an easier alternative to brushing, oral sprays will help reduce the bacteria that is living in your dog's mouth and freshen their breath at the same time. 
  4. Teef Dental prebiotic is an award-winning, vet approved, daily dental regimen. Simply add a daily dose to your dog's water dish and Teef will work below the gum line to target the root cause of gum disease every time they enjoy a sip. 

Keeping your dog's teeth clean should be a concern on any owner's mind. When there are so many great options out there to tackle doggie dental problems, it should be an easy task that can be included into any dog's daily routine. 

Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright

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