Digest - Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics for Dogs

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Don't let your dog run out of enzymes! Digest is a natural supply of digestive enzymes and pancreas to support pancreas function. Organic broccoli sprout powder supports the liver and soil base probiotics help maintain a normal gut flora.


Digest contains grass-fed New Zealand bovine pancreas, the purest source of enzymes. A pure and natural source of protease, amylase, lipase, and trypsin.


Digest contains organic broccoli sprout powder, a natural source of sulforaphane, a powerful source of enzymes that trigger liver detoxification pathways.


We've added a blend of soil based probiotics and natural prebiotics to make Digest a complete digestive aid for dogs of all ages. Great for older dogs and kibble-fed dogs. 


Enzymes help digest your dog's food and fire most of the metabolic processes in your dog's body.
Your dog can produce his own enzymes ... but if he's eating cooked food, he may not make enough or it can strain the pancreas.
Adding digestive enzymes to your dog's meals can help support his pancreas, organs and immune system. 


Undigested food can stress the pancreas and endocrine organs. Many dogs can be at risk for enzyme deficiency:

As your dog get's older, he will naturally start to product less enzymes since he has a limited amount to produce. Digest helps provide the enzymes your dog used to benefit from at a younger age.

Most modern diets such as kibble, dehydrated, canned, or even home-cooked diets lack enzymes. Enzymes are very sensitive to heating and processing so it's important to supply these in the diet to prevent stressing the pancreas.

With chronic pancreatitis, your dog may experience symptoms on an on-and-off basis but these symptoms include:

- Lethargy
- Loss of appetite
- Occasional vomiting or diarrhea
- stomach pain, often seen as restlessness

Digestive enzymes naturally help with digestive issues and malabsorption issues such as:

- Leaky gut syndrome
- Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
- Acid reflux

Dogs with food intolerances, allergies, recurring ear infections or skin problems should also benefit from digestive enzymes as most of these problems are symptoms of poor gut health. 


Digest should not be heated up or added to hot food as heat kills the digestive enzymes. 

If your dog suffers from EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), you can moisten the Digest powder and let it sit for 20-60 minutes before feeding.


Active Ingredients per 1.2 g (1/2 tsp):

New Zealand Liver (Bovine) ... 500 mg
New Zealand Pancreas (Bovine) ... 300 mg
Organic Alfalfa Juice Powder ... 38 mg
Betaine Hydrochloride ... 38 mg
Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder ... 38 mg
Bromelain ... 38 mg
Invertase ... 38 mg
Organic Nettle Leaf Powder ...
38 mg
Ox Bile Powder ...
38 mg
Papain ... 38 mg
Cellulase ... 9 mg
Bacillus coagulens, Bacillus subtilis blend ...
2 Billion CFU

Inactive Ingredients: None


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