Therapeutic Mesh Rug

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The Dog Mesh Rug is our most lightweight and versatile dog rug. It has a thin Welltex® lining covered by a mesh outer cover which moulds to their body shape. The Mesh Rug helps your dog feel his best all day long. Whether you are looking to help your dog’s body as they age and arthritic changes start to occur, in the line of sport or recovery, or just in everyday health and wellness – this product is for you!


Welltex® is a therapeutic fabric for humans, horses, and dogs which increases the micro circulation of the blood and oxygen delivery when worn against the skin.

Users report reduced chronic pain levels, shortened healing times, and a reduction in sport injury when using Welltex® products as a pain management or warm up/cool down tool in a competitive environment.


A body produces energy which cannot be seen but can be felt as body heat or thermal radiation. This energy normally is released from the body into the atmosphere.

When a Welltex® product is used most of this energy is reflected into the body underneath the fabric.

Welltex® fabric is comprised of thread infused with Far Infrared absorbing and emitting nano particles of crushed ceramic minerals.

The energy source is Far Infrared light waves which cannot be seen by the human eye but can be seen by specially designed cameras.

During the manufacturing of polyester- or polyester fibres, crushed ceramic mineral particles are fused into extruded fabric fibres. When heated, the ceramic particles radiate a heat back towards the body. This reflected heat is long-wave heat radiation, which is also known as long wave infrared radiation.

This incoming energy triggers a response in the brain and micro dilation of the blood vessels occur resulting in increased oxygen delivery to injured muscles.

Proper care of Welltex® products, including regular cleaning and storage in suitable conditions, ensures their longevity and sustained therapeutic benefits over time. Understanding the correct product use and care is essential for maximizing the benefits of Welltex® fabric.

Dog Coats (F) CM Size Fit Range
Toy 21cm 21-22cm
Toy 23cm 23-24cm
Toy 25cm 25-26cm
Small 27cm 27-28cm
Small 29cm 29-31cm
Small 31cm 31-33cm
Small 34cm 34-36cm
Small 37cm 37-39cm
Small 40cm 40-42cm
Medium 43cm 43-45cm
Medium 46cm 46-48cm
Dog Coats (F) CM Size Fit Range
Medium 49cm 49-51cm
Medium 52cm 52-54cm
Medium 55cm 55-58cm
Medium 59cm 59-62cm
Large 63cm 63-66cm
Large 67cm 67-69cm
Large 70cm 70-73cm
Large 74cm 74-77cm
Large 78cm 78-81cm
Large 82cm 82-85cm
Large 86cm 86-88cm