80's Classic Collection

Take a cruise down memory lane with P.L.A.Y.’s 80s Classics Plush Toy Collection in one of the 80s most classic cars, the family station wagon. Playtime will be “like totally radical” with this iconic set featuring our first hidden bonus toy sewn inside the boombox. Go back to a time with your pup when the only way to get that perfect big hair look is with our shakable hairspray with giggle stick activation. It doesn't matter if you're Player 1 or Player 2, call up your BFF to meet you at the arcade for some cool weekend fun!
Paw Talk
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Paw Talk P.L.A.Y.
Ready Player Fun
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Ready Player Fun P.L.A.Y.
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Boop Box
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Boop Box P.L.A.Y.
Pawqua Net
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Pawqua Net P.L.A.Y.