Delicious Avocado Anti-Bite Snuffle Mat

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Are you a fellow dog parent with multiple fur babies and are looking for an exciting snuffle mat that's big enough to share between siblings? Then look no further, because our tough and dense snuffle mat with anti-bite webbing and a lick pad is the perfect choice for your furry family! And who doesn't love an avocado? This mat is a fan-favourite that's LOVED BY ALL! Let's give our pups a superior snuffling experience with the delicious avocado mat! 

Canine Enrichment: Snuffle mats are designed to stimulate a dog's natural foraging instincts, provide mental stimulation, and build cognitive abilities.

Energy Releaser: Snuffle mats can help your dog burn their energy as they eat and play. This activity helps release happy hormones, allowing your dog to focus.

Slow Feeder: Fast eating can cause vomiting, stomach pain, or bloating. To keep away your furry friends from such mishaps you can use snuffle mats as a slow feeder.

Training Tool: Snuffle mats are a great tool for impulse control and distraction from undesirable activities. Helps in focusing on good behavior and rewards.

  • Designed in Canada

    Size: Diameter – 25.6 in x 18 in / 65 cm x 46 cm

    Material: Thick Cotton Polyester Webbing, Felt, Food Grade Silicone

    Detachable Parts: Food Grade Silicone Lick Pad


    • Dense anti-bite durable strong webbings
    • Velcro for closure and portability
    • Size large enough for being used by multiple siblings at the same time
    • Removable licking pad in the centre
    • Food grade Silicone licking pad with a suction cup to attach to clean smooth floors
    • Licking pad can be used with wet/raw food
    • Licking pad can be used separately on smooth floors too
    • Large suction cup at the bottom to attach to clean smooth floors
    • 10 min of snuffle mat activity is equivalent to 1 hour of running, tires your pet
    • Acts as a slow feeder too
    • Machine washable