TuffPaws Paw Wax - 118ml

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Handcrafted in Ontario Canada with all natural ingredients!

Directions: massage a small amount into each paw every 2-3 days to moisturize pads and prevent cracking and dryness.

Ingredients: Beewax, Coconut oil, Calendula oil, Avocado oil, Eucalyptus esssential oil, Peppermint essential oil.

Your dog's paw pads take a lot of abuse. Whether walking on hot asphalt, gravel, rocks or simply going for a winter walk, the skin on their pads can become dry and cracked. This can become extremely painful and can lead to chronic skin issues. You can try dog booties, but most dogs are not very fond of wearing anything on their feet. Our TUFF Paws Paw Wax was made to keep dogs paws soft and crack free. It can also be used for dry noses and elbows to soften and repair dry cracks. Our all natural paw wax is a proprietary blend of natural wax and essential oils. Applying this to your dog's paw pads every 2 to 3 days helps to moisturize and repair dry and cracked paw pads. This also acts as a temporary barrier against harsh winter elements such as snow, ice and salt, as well as protecting from hot pavement during the summer months. This is truly an all natural, year round protection. Easy to apply, simply massage a small amount onto the paw pads before walks as needed. To minimize licking or waxy marks on floors, apply our paw wax immediately prior to taking your dog out for a walk or letting outside. This will give the product a chance to absorb into their paws and will eliminate any excess residue. Our TUFF Paws Paw Wax is contract manufactured in a government inspected cosmetics manufacturing facility using our proprietary, all natural ingredients. Every container of TUFF Paws Paw Wax is security sealed for your safety.

Avoid eye contact.

For external use only.

Store in a cool dry place.