Pre-biotic Dental Treats

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When it comes to dog treats, you should be giving your furry friend something that’s both nutritious and delicious. With our dental treats by Bristly, you can have confidence knowing your dog is getting only the very best when munching on one of our healthy and safe snacks. These delicious dog treats not only help fight against plaque and tartar buildup, but they also promote good bacteria, helping to keep your pup’s pearly whites shiny and healthy. Whether you want to improve your dog’s current dental routine or your trying to rid their bad breath once and for all, a daily dental treat from Bristly is sure to help!

Establish a healthy balance in your pup's mouth! The specially formulated dental treats focus on improving your dog's oral health in 3 unique ways:

• Fights harmful bacteria.

• Creates a healthy environment for “good” bacteria to grow. 

• Reduces inflammation & helps maintain healthy oral hygiene.