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Katt3 EVO Cat Tree

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Are you tired of outdated cat trees full of dust? The Katt3 is there for you and it's not a regular cat house! Made of sturdy plastic with a modern and minimalist design, each kube offers fun and comfort to your pet.

 Get creative! The Katt3 is modular and offers endless possibilities! Add a trendy cushion (easily washable with soap and water for that matter), a stimulating cat toy or a cardboard scratcher to combine fun and well-being in one place.

 Build an elegant house or an elaborated fortress of catitude now with the starting kit!

  • Modern & minimalist design
  • Made from laminated wood and paper rope
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Compatible with Katt3
  • Includes; 1 memory foam cushion, 1 felt pad, 1 hanging toy