All-Natural Hemp Rope Tug Toy With Rubber Dental Ball

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The BOXERTUFF Hemp Rope Denal Ball is good clean fun. The medium density rubber ball has built in nubs to help keep your dogs teeth and gums clean during playtime.
A Boxer dog grabbing the detal ball from a Boxertuff hemp rope tug toy in their mouth.
A dog with a Boxertuff Hemp Rope Tug Toy with a green dental ball.

  • 100% NATURAL HEMP ROPE - Tbis rope is made from 100% natural Canadian hemp rope while the teeth cleaning, treat grabbing dental ball is made of all-natural rubber. 
  • INTERACTIVE COMPANION TIME - A great way to bond with your dog indoors or outdoors. Play fetch or tug of war with your best friend.
  • COMES WITH OPTIONS - There are 2 sizes, 16" long 1/2" thick hemp rope with a small ball or 18" long 5/8" thick hemp rope with a large ball to choose from as well as 5 different ball colour options.
  • DENTAL PRANKSTER - Medium-density natural rubber ball has built-in nubs to help keep your dog's teeth and gums clean during playtime or to hold small treats for your dog to find.
  • MATERIAL MATTERS - Hemp rope is naturally mold and mildew resistant, strong, fast-growing, sustainable and eco-friendly. It is free of herbicides and pesticides and biodegradable. No colouring and most importantly, it's short fibres are completely digestible.
  • ATTENTION PLEASE - Dogs should not be left unsupervised as they will chew these for hours at a time, substantially reducing the lifetime of the ropes. These are meant to be used as interactive tug/fetch toys, not a chew toy.
A picture of all 3 Be One Bree sturdy tennis ball sizes.


Material: 100% Natural Hemp Rope
Dental Ball Made from Natural Rubber


Small - 1.25 cm x 40 cm, Includes Small Dental Ball (1/2" x 16")
Large - 1.5 cm x 6 cm, Includes Large Dental Ball (5/8" x 18")


Blue, Robin's Egg Blue, Orange, Red, and Yellow

A Boxer dog grabbing the detal ball from a Boxertuff hemp rope tug toy in their mouth.
Two Boxer dogs play with a dental ball from Boxertuff.

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